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12. December 09

AUBiH students, faculty, and staff attended a lecture given by Svetlana Broz, Executive Director of the NGO Gariwo, on Monday, November 30th at AUBiH’s Tuzla campus. Ms. Broz presented her NGO’s work and encouraged AUBiH students apply methods of civil courage in their everyday lives. Her lecture called on young people to stand up to negative authorities and affect positive change through non-violent resistance.

Through Gariwo’s Be the Change, Make a Difference project, which is currently being implemented in BiH, youth take positive action against the many forms of violence, whether physical or non-physical, which tend to permeate all aspects of life in the country. Ms. Broz offered various examples of civil courage in action, noting successful protests by high school students in Cetinje, Montenegro whose non-violent actions over the course of two months led to the successful reinstatement of their principal who had been wrongly discharged. AUBiH students responded enthusiastically to Ms. Broz’ presentation and debated the applicability and use of civil courage in present-day BiH.

Speaking about civil courage, Ms. Broz noted that, “It is evident that resistance is necessary, and it is even more evident that it has to be non-violent, and not because of the negative authority figures in our country, but because of its citizens who have suffered enough not to have yet another victim.” Gariwo provided AUBiH students with two books about examples of civil courage in everyday life and ways in which individuals may practice non-violent resistance. AUBiH would like to thank Ms. Broz for taking the opportunity to visit AUBiH, and for speaking to our students about the current lack of civil courage in Bosnian society. Ms. Broz’ lecture was one in a series of academically enriching events which AUBiH has provided for our students this semester.