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18. February 10

American University in Bosnia and Herzegovina's Public Relations herewith informs the general public that on February 16th, AUBiH hosted Tanja Fajon, Slovenian Representative in the European Parliament.

On this occasion, in the premises of UNITIC Business Center Sarajevo, Tanja Fajon addressed AUBiH students with an appropriate lecture focusing on the visa regime liberalization for BiH.

“Visa regime liberalization is an issue of great importance for all students, as well as for all BiH citizens. Abolishment of visas opens up new opportunities for students to explore new environments, cultures and traditions. It gives the students a chance to be European citizens whenever they want to. In that regard, our students wanted to hear from Tanja Fajon to what extent the requirements have been met, and when they can expect to have the freedom to travel just like everyone else”, stated Merima Spahić.

“Students’ expectations of having the freedom to travel and become familiar with other values are quite normal, and that is why they showed initiative to meet with me and discuss the issues of their immediate interest. That is the reason I am here today, and I do thank them for the initiative”, said Fajon.

You are the bright light in this country. It is only by education that you will overcome all of the obstacles coming your way. I understand that your country has done a lot, and I firmly believe that it will have the visa-free regime as of July”, concluded Tanja Fajon.

AUBiH representatives and students presented Tanja Fajon with a letter of appreciation for the efforts she has made in the process of integration of BiH into the EU.