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31. January 11
Bill Clinton marks 15 years since the Dayton Accords


Confirmed participants: Ivo Josipović, Catherine Ashton, Madaline Albright, Wesley Clark and Christiane Amanpour.

Former President of the United States (USA), William Jefferson Clinton invited the President of the American University in Bosnia and Herzegovina (AUBiH), Denis Prcić, AUBiH Vice President Amb. Clifford Bond and director for government relations, Esmir Ganić, to attend the Conference on February 9, 2011 in New York: America at the crossroads - the Dayton Accords and the beginning of the 21st diplomacy century.

„Following the end of the Cold War, the crisis in the Balkans compelled Washington- for the first time in decades- to reorient America's approach on the International stage. Fifteen years after President Clinton dispatched a team led by Richard Holbrooke to end the war in Bosnia, President Clinton will be joined by panelists to discuss the Dayton Accords, what they can teach us about the challenges of global interdependence, and how the promise of Dayton can point the way forward for further economic development and integration with Europe“, stated the invitation of President Clinton.

The summit's host is President Clinton and confirmed participants are: President of the Republic of Croatia, Ivo Josipovic, EU High Representative, Catherine Ashton, a former U.S. Secretary of State Madeline Albright, retired General Wesley Clark and former CNN reporter, Christiane Amanpour.

We are very honored that President Clinton invited us and we are pleased to accept it. It is immeasurable significance that President Clinton, his administration and the U.S. had in stopping the bloodshed in the Balkans and Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as the development of democratic processes in this area, said AUBiH President, Denis Prcić.

The conference will be held at the Kimmel Center at New York University.

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