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17. April 17
BIT Alliance and AUBiH Cooperation

Agreement on Cooperation of BIT Alliance and AUBIH: Meeting of Science and Industry inevitably gives new value

On April 17 2017, in Sarajevo, the President of BIT Alliance, Haris Memic, and the President of the American University in Bosnia and Herzegovina (AUBiH), Denis Prcić, signed an Agreement on Cooperation in the field of development and application of communication and information technology. The agreement envisages joint work on projects of professional retraining of the unemployed, the realization of projects aimed at the development of science and profession as well as cooperation on the development of curricula of master studies. Also, BIT Alliance and AUBiH will develop scientific and technical cooperation in the form of training, specialist courses and training of students and staff of AUBIH and BIT Alliance.

"The lack of skilled personnel and uncoordinated educational system with the labour market are just some of the problems that slow down the development of the software industry in BiH. Cooperation with AUBiH is focused on the development of competencies necessary for these students, future software engineers, as well as the retraining of the unemployed, which will contribute to solving the problems that this potent area encounters. "as said by Haris Memic, the President of the Board of BIT Alliance.

Similarly, the Agreement provides cooperation in the organization of round tables, conferences, seminars and similar meetings that bring together relevant stakeholders, as well as the coordination of research, and technical and technological achievements. "Meeting of Science and industry, academic institutions and the economy inevitably results in the improvement of knowledge and the new value. It is essential that, in Bosnia and Herzegovina, we create the environment for new employment in areas where we can be highly competitive in comparison with the world.

This is precisely the reason for the signing the Agreement with the BIT Alliance. ", as said by the President, Denis Prcić.

The top ten companies in 2014, with many years of experience in software development, have joined forces in the project of BIT Alliance, in order to continuously work to resolve a number of obstacles which hinder the growth of this industry in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Today, these companies employ about 700 young professionals, who daily develop software and distribute them to the world's largest companies.

In the last 12 years, American University in Bosnia and Herzegovina implements education reforms, focused on the promotion of useful knowledge of its students and society as a whole. American University in Bosnia and Herzegovina is the only higher education institution in the region with American accreditation (ACICS), with a view that, to current and future students in Bosnia and Herzegovina, provides academic and professional education, based on the American system of education. American University in Bosnia and Herzegovina has four faculties, academy and scientific research institute. By now, more than 3,000 students received diplomas and certificates, who are currently working in the most prestigious domestic and global companies and institutions.