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2. June 17
Blood Donation Camp

On Friday, June 2nd, American University in BiH organized a Blood Donation Camp for students and members of AUBiH faculty and staff. The AUBiH Blood Donation Camp has already become an annual event at AUBiH and the response has been great this year as well. Representatives of the Institute for Transfusion Medicine of FBiH thanked all the students, faculty and staff for their selfless contributions, as well as for a positive and cheery atmosphere the entire duration of the Camp.

The Institute also took the opportunity to highlight the importance of voluntary blood donation. They pointed out that a desirable blood donor is any healthy, adult individual (aged 18-65) that passes the medical test and hemoglobin checkup, so as to minimize health risks for potential recipients. Representatives of the Institute pointed out that while motives for donating blood may vary greatly, humanity and human nature remain the most common ones.

It is worth noting that blood cannot be produced artificially, leaving blood donors the only source of blood and, at the same time, the one true link between the healthy and unhealthy part of the population. In order to boost availability of this essential medical resource, maximizing the number of blood donors is crucial, as their humanity will directly reflect on those patients in need.

Somewhat unfortunate statistics reveals that 1 out of 10 persons reading this will eventually require blood transfusion and most of them will readily expect it to be available.