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27. June 14
Carnegie Council symposium in Sarajevo

On June 27th, AUBiH had the honor to partner the Carnegie Council in celebration of its 100 years and marking the 100th anniversary of the assassination in Sarajevo with symposium named "Ethnic & International Affairs: The Crises of 1914 and What it Means for Us Today" which was held in Sarajevo, at Gazi Husrev-bey Library. Before the cataclysm of 1914, visionaries like Andrew Carnegie believed that law, international arbitration and the diffusion of shared knowledge could tame war. A century later, these dreams may seem fanciful, but their idealism continues to challenge the realist insistence that war will, like poverty, always be with us. As we mark the hundredth anniversary of the assassination in Sarajevo, it is time to return to Carnegie's idealist dreams by closely examining one important antidote to war: reconciliation. How and why do enemies reconcile? How do peoples forgive and forget, or at least forgive? How do they create new, shared institutions? What are the ethical demands of peace-building in societies that have been divided by war?