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10. May 17
CEST FBiH & AUBiH: New expertise and skill sets

Cooperation Agreement between the Public Institution Center for Education of Judges and Prosecutors of FBiH and AUBiH: Expanding the expertise and skill sets of judges, prosecutors and students

Sarajevo, May 10th, 2017 - Public Institution Center for Education of Judges and Prosecutors in Federation of BiH and the American University in BiH (AUBiH) have signed a Cooperation Agreement. The Agreement was signed by President of AUBiH Denis Prcic and Director of Center for Education of Judges and Prosecutors of FBiH Arben Murtezic.

The two institutions shall, within the scope of their legal and statutory jurisdictions, cooperate in the field of education of students and specialization of judicial officials, prosecutors and others interested in performing judiciary roles and duties. It is a unique opportunity for providing students with access to legal practice, while at the same time providing professionals with easier access to latest breakthroughs in the field of law.

"Cooperation with the academic community of Bosnia and Herzegovina is a necessary step towards education of future judiciary officials. The Agreement with the American University in BiH enables the Centre to provide judiciary officials with access to the knowledgebase of the highest quality in the field, such as cyber criminal and modern technologies, whereas law students of AUBiH will gain access to practical experiences in the field in a cooperative and friendly environment.", said the Director of the Centre Arben Murtezic.

The Agreement also stipulates the manner and fields of cooperation, such as exchange of teachers/educators in educational activities, providing AUBiH students to attend specific lectures and seminars for judiciary officials via special agreements, etc. This also opens up opportunities for organization of joint, bilateral activities such as round tables, conferences, seminars and congresses, as well as mutual support in research and development projects in the field of law theory and practice.

"This Agreement is a continuation of successful cooperation between the two institutions. The Agreement is both a framework for expanding the expertise and skill sets in this field, i.e. new values we shall establish and which will benefit future judges and prosecutors, students of AUBiH and ultimately, the entire community. I sincerely believe that our joint efforts will set a new benchmark for quality in the education process, which is of crucial importance for judicial institutions in Bosnia and Herzegovina.", said the President of AUBiH Denis Prcic.

American University in Bosnia and Herzegovina has spent 12 years on education reforms, focused on advancement of practical knowledge of its students and larger society. AUBiH is the only regional institution of higher learning that boasts a US accreditation (ACICS), aiming to provide its current and future students with academic and professional education firmly rooted in the American education system. American University in Bosnia and Herzegovina currently has four colleges, an academy and scientific research institutes. Among our alumni and certified personnel are more than 3,000 persons that are currently honing their craft in domestic as well as international companies such as Google, Microsoft, P&G, Facebook, European Central Bank, Deutsche Bank and numerous other public and private sector institutions.