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25. January 18
Cooperation Agreement: Union of BH Police Force

The Union of the BiH Police Force and the American University in Bosnia and Herzegovina have signed a mutual understanding and cooperation agreement in the security field for education, scientific research, and counseling. Also present at the signing were representatives of the BiH Directorate for Police Force Coordination, BiH Border Police, the State Investigation and Protection Agency, the Police Support Agency, the Foreigner Relations Service, as well as AUBiH professors.

According to the President of the American University in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Mr. Denis Prcić, cooperation has always existed between AUBiH and BiH’s Ministry of Security, as well as all of our police agencies. The agencies include SIPA, Border Police, the Foreigner Relations Agency, DKP, and the Ministry of Defense.

“With this act we are continuing excellent cooperation with the Union, I think we have done a lot to help the Union. When we say “Union” we don’t only consider all of the police officers working in all these agencies, we are also considering their families. We will continue our cooperation with the goal of helping each of the police officers individually. This is about multiple things we are doing right now which, among others, include education, training, as well as new positioning of the police on a state level.”

The President of the Union of the Police Force, Mr. Dragan Krvavac, has expressed gratitude towards the American University in Bosnia and Herzegovina on their unselfish support, and has used this opportunity to hand a Thank You Certificate to President Prcić.

“We, as a young Union, have since the very beginning sought after vocational education and training for all the members and representatives of this Union. This way, we are going towards a scientific and educational education, which is the only way we should be heading. The American University in Bosnia and Herzegovina, as an institution, is a huge contributor towards this.” stated Mr. Dragan Krvavac.