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4. October 16
COST Action: “New and emerging challenges and opportunities in wastewater reuse (ES1403 NEREUS)” meeting hosted by AUBiH on September 19. – 20. 2016

The COST program of the European Commission is meant to facilitate networking in research and development in the European countries and partner countries. This Cost action includes more than 50 committee members from Europe, with other participating countries http://www.nereus-cost.eu/about/participating-countries-map/

Prof Laurent Mesbah who is committee member of this action was in charge of hosting the conference event on behalf of the American University in Bosnia and Herzegovina and welcomed participants for the opening on Monday September 19. 2016 and introduced Prof Kupusovic, head of the Hydro – Engineering Institute of Sarajevo. Prof. Kupusovic presented a review of the situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina with wastewater.

Participants to the network are researchers and university professors coming from more than 20 European countries but also beyond, through their 5 working groups have been sharing information and working on research, technology and policy instruments to tackle the issue of waste water reuse. http://www.nereus-cost.eu/activities/

Where wastewater is treated it is meant to be released back in nature without pollution and for human use including cleaning and direct consumption, and irrigation in agriculture. Important questions are being addressed such as the quality and content of treated water, what are the compounds and acceptable concentrations for human health and for the environment. Outcomes of some the discussion will provide inputs into the upcoming update on regulations of the water directive of the European Union.

Many participants came for the first time in Bosnia and Herzegovina and had the opportunity to visit the city with a guided historical tour from AUBiH history Prof. Amer Dardagan.