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28. March 14
Danish Institute for Study Abroad students visiting Bosnia and Herzegovina

Students from The Danish Institute for Study Abroad (DIS) from Copenhagen, Denmark visited Bosnia and Herzegovina. The American University in Bosnia and Herzegovina (AUBiH) facilitated the visit as a part of its cooperation with the DIS.

The program at DIS provides a variety of programs to students studying who wish to study in another country, one of which includes the topical area of Justice & Human Rights. In order to enhance their knowledge and experiences about post-conflict societies, the program included a second visit to Bosnia and Herzegovina. A group of students from a variety of U.S. universities studying abroad at DIS had an opportunity to visit BiH for the first time.

AUBiH arranged visits to the Presidency of BiH, the Parliament of BiH, the OHR (Office of the High Representative), the ICMP (International Commission on Missing Persons), and the American Embassy in Sarajevo alongside lectures at AUBiH. Additionally visits to the Sarajevo war tunnel and the town of Srebrenica were organized. Also, the students enjoyed making new friendships in Sarajevo with AUBiH Ambassadors – representatives of the AUBiH student body.

This was another tour where AUBiH deepened its collaboration with DIS and introduced Bosnia and Herzegovina to several students from USA.