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8. June 10

Delegation of the State University of New York is visiting American University in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The reason for their visit is the graduation ceremony for the first AUBiH graduates scheduled for tomorrow in Tuzla.

Prior to the ceremony , the delegation of friends and founders of the AUBiH visited the Assembly of Tuzla County. The delegation consisting of Mr. Denis Prcić, AUBiH President, John D. Summers, an American businessman, Dr. Joseph L. Kennedy, SUNY Canton President, Ryan Deuel, SUNY Head of Administration and International Cooperation Department, Mr. Douglas Summers, an American Businessman was hosted by the President of the Assembly of Tuzla County, Mr. Amir Fazlić. The Assembly of Tuzla County has been supporting AUBiH since its foundation. They recognized the opportunity for high quality education modelled in accordance with the American standards for all young people which will be very valuable for our economy and society.

Mr. Amir Fazlić expressed his gratitude for having such an educational institution in Tuzla County and Bosnia and Herzegovina, the institution which, in a very short period of time, built a prominent reputation and which developed very quickly. He was especially happy about the AUBiH plans for the foundation of new study programs in the field of Industrial engineering and Management, as Tuzla County has always been recognized as the Industrial center. They also plan to found Nursery program with a completely different concept of education; a profession which is needed around the world.

Representatives of the AUBiH delegation expressed their gratitude for a quality collaboration of the AUBiH with authorities of Tuzla County and the first AUBiH graduates. They announced further support of the AUBiH development and education of the youth around Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The Prime Minister of Tuzla County met with the same delegation today.

“Our partnership with the AUBiH in its full capacity will start with the tomorrow's graduation ceremony where we will promote first AUBiH graduates in Tuzla. SUNY is well known for the fact that their graduates are successful in finding jobs, and this can also be achieved through the development of the common programs with the AUBiH. Through these programs we want to educate human resources necessary at the job market,“ said Dr. Joseph L. Kennedy

“You proved that one of your major priorities is high quality education. Apart from the education in BiH, youn people have the opportunity to gain additional experience and skills in the USA. We expect that the first generation which will receive their degrees tomorrow greatly contribute to the development of Tuzla County as well as of BiH in general,“ emphasized Mr. Mujić, the Prime Minister.

“This collaboration is another confirmation of friendship between SUNY from New York, Dr. Joseph Kennedy and John D. Summers are industrials who paid a polite visit to the Prime Minister and President of the Assembly to meet each other.

"Apart from collaboration with the AUBiH, we would also have some other kinds of collaboration in other fields of development of the AUBiH in accordance with the needs for human resources in the County. It is also possible that Mr. Summers will invest in some other projects,“ said Mr. Prcić, the Chairman of the AUBiH Board of Trustees.

After the graduation ceremony, all the AUBiH graduates will proceed with the internship in the leading BiH companies and international organizations.