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8. December 16
Denis & Adrijan: "Give us a chance and we will stay!"

Knowledge and good work habits, the only way to true success!

Adrijan Krstović and Denis Nikočević are both students at the American University in Bosnia and Herzegovina and they have a message, both for the government representatives and the young people. Especially for those who fight the doubt of staying in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Adrijan and Denis are about to go into finals at the American School of Economy and the good thing is that they both have had the opportunity to achieve some practical knowledge that would support the theoretical one. So, Adrijan, during his studies, spends 20 hours a week at Raifeissen Bank where he has the opportunity to learn all about leasing, investments, sales and retail. Denis, on the other hand, obtains his practical knowledge in the international auditing company, Earnst & Young, mostly learning all about auditing.

These two students have a message for you!

Give us a chance and we will stay!

„The grade has never been an official measure of knowledge“ – says Adrijan and continues: „Your real knowledge is to be measured in a real world. We invest in ourselves, in our education, soon we are about to obtain the world prestige diploma. We are already obtaining the practical knowledge. Only thing we need is our own space to grow where we'll be able to function as professionals. This space we expect it to be right here, in Bosnia and Herzegovina.“

And when they say „space“, they do mean the equal opportunities and possibilities for employment, life, social networking and healthy competition.

According to official data, over 13 thousand young people have already left Bosnia and Herzegovina just last year. This number is increasing each year, and reason for that, as our student believe, is too much pressure on creating political instability that affects the economical growth directly.

„Do we speak enough on economical diplomacy? Who are the people that represent us in the world? Are we granted the insight in all that has been done in our name?“ – says Denis and adds that the best representation of the country are those young, intelligent people that do all to be successful.

Denis, however, after completing the economics program at the American University in Bosnia and Herzegovina, believes that the best thing to do is to try work in one of the Western European countries and with the right „know-how“ return to Bosnia and Herzegovina. However, Denis accents that if those possibilities are created right here, he would definitely stay. He adds that, no matter what, the young people have to continuously invest in their education because it's well known, the knowledge cannot be take away.