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18. April 16
Dr. Dominika Švarc held a presentation to AUBiH students

»A Tale ofTwo Different Performances Of International Criminal Justice«

On April 7, 2016 former Appeals Counsel at the Office of the Prosecutor, ICTY for the former Yugoslavia(2014-2016), and UN-MICT, Dr. Dominika Švarc gave AUBiH students a presentation on The Karadžić and Šešelj judgement: A tale of two different performances of international criminal justice.

Dr. Švarc in her lecture, briefly reviewed the basic features of both Radovan Karadžić and Vojislav Šešelj judgement and exposed what she consider to be their most fundamental factual and legal errors, particularly in Šešeljs.

The presentation served as a platform for discussion with the audience, on further implications of each of the two judgement, the disappointments and fears arising out of the Šešelj verdict and options for action that might alleviate its damaging effects.