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30. April 13

This twenty-year old Mostar girl spent the past six months on internship in Congress, where she went after AUBIH offered its students of International Law and Diplomacy the possibility of engagement at the prestigious legislative body of the U.S. government.

"After learning that I was chosen for an internship and that within few weeks I will be traveling to Washington D.C. I was happy and excited. Not only have I had the opportunity to visit the U.S. for the first time, but I met many congressmen and senators, assisted them and worked on a dream job for every law student in the world. I got internship at the Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe, known as the Helsinki Committee for Human Rights," said the successful girl to a journalist of Anadolia news agency.

Edita has actively participated in the U.S. presidential campaign as well.

"I saw how the American electoral system works, how easy communication with young people is enabled and how they have good access to political campaigns. I have never been involved in the election campaigns in our country, so this was a special experience. Since I arrived to Washington early October, I decided to join an intense election campaign whose outcome was uncertain until the very end. Although the President Barack Obama had the support of the first presidential mandate, an unprecedented wave of enthusiasm came from candidacy Republican Mitt Romney," recalled the student of American University in Bosnia and Herzegovina, who worked for the Republican National Board in Washington, but also in other areas of the United States.

"I worked on the campaign during weekends in Fairfax, Virginia, with other volunteers where we visited and interviewed households and interviewed the voters about the upcoming election. I was a member of the most active campaign a few days before the election in Fairfax with more than 400 thousand visited households in just two days. The campaign consisted also of a record number of telephone contacts and calls for going to election," said Edita.

After Barack Obama is re-elected as the U.S. President, Edita has volunteered at his inauguration.

"A few months after the campaign, I decided to volunteer at the presidential inauguration of Barack Obama. I spent the whole day with colleagues, starting at 5am. People were excited, the subways were full since dawn time, all in anticipation of the inauguration. The atmosphere on Capitol Hill during the speech was fantastic," said this young student from Bosnia and Herzegovina.

During an internship in the U.S. Congress, Edita met the proven friends of Bosnia Herzegovina - Senator Benjamin Cardin and Congressman Christopher Smith.

She attended the debate on Capitol Hill, as well as events in a number of institutions such as the Brookings Institute, the Atlantic Council, the Center for Strategic and International Studies, and prestigious universities such as Johns Hopkins University and George Washington University.

Despite numerous commitments during the internship in Congress and volunteering in the election campaign, Edita has continued her education through the online system for distance learning.

"During the internship period of six months, I followed the instruction by a system which allowed me access to high-quality teaching and facilitated communication with teachers. Although at first it seemed demanding to study and do an internship at the same time, I was able to adjust all obligations without a detrimental impact on my grades," said Edita.

After an internship in Washington, Edita came back to Bosnia, where she continued her education at the American University. Now plans to transfer her knowledge to her colleagues.

"I carry a very positive impression on American culture, people and lifestyle. I intend to share with the new applicants and help them to adapt to the way of life and work in America more easily. After the Master degree course, I intend to use my education and gained experience to actively participate and assist in the development of Bosnia and Herzegovina", said Edita Maric, a student from Bosnia and Herzegovina that fulfilled the "American dream" and become a sort of "student Ambassador" of BiH.