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7. August 12
ENROLLMENT AND SCHOLARSHIP 2012/13 Sarajevo, Banja Luka, Mostar, Tuzla

Open call for the enrollment and scholarship award for undergraduate, master’s and doctoral studies. AUBiH awards 750 scholarships for 2012/13 academic year to all first-year enrolling and transfer students

THE ENROLLMENT OF STUDENTS FOR THE UNDERGRADUATE, MASTER’S AND DOCTORAL STUDIES (European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System Points (ECTS): 240 ECTS - Undergraduate study; 60 ECTS – Master’s study; 180 ECTS - Doctoral study)

Number of students registering for the academic programs listed below is as follows:

American School of Economics Undegraduate


International Finances 35   10
Master of Business Administration   25  
International Sales and Marketing 35 25  
International Economic Systems 35 25  
American School of Technology Undegraduate


Information Technology 35   10
Industrial and Technological Management 35 25  
Cybersecurity   25  
American School of Government Undegraduate


International Law 35 25 10
International Relations and Diplomacy 35 25 10
International Public Administration 35 25  
International Political Sciences 35 25  
National and International Security 35 25  
New Media and Journalism 35    
New Media and Public Relations   25  
American Academy of Modern Arts Undegraduate      
Graphic and Multimedia Design 35    

Scholarship Applications:

Students that apply for registration to AUBIH for the first cycle of the first year of studies within the first registration deadline, can apply for a one-year or four-year scholarship.

a) The whole or partial amount of the four-year scholarship for freshmen:

The four-year scholarship (in the whole or partial amount of scholarship) for undergraduate study can be awarded to candidates based on their high school achievement, property and assets status, social/welfare status, and the entrance exam scores.

b) Scholarships for transferring students:

Students that transfer from other higher education institutions of BiH to AUBIH for 2012/2013 academic year, have an opportunity to have their tuition waived for one semester.

The scholarships for the master’s study:

Students that apply for the master’s study, can apply for a scholarship based on the entrance exam scores and a conducted interview.