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29. November 15
”FAKE ART” by prof. Anur Hadžiomerspahić

We are very proud of our professor of graphic design an extremely talented artist Anur Hadžiomerspahić and his second series from the „Fake Art“ opus exhibited in the Novi hram Gallery in Sarajevo.

In the „Fake Art“ series, the artist uses photo-manipulation to transform photographs into fake oil paintings in order to expose bare the fake nature of today's values and send a powerful socially engaged message. The first works from the „Fake Art“ series were exhibited in Italy and Bosnia and Herzegovina in 2009.

„ ... fake love, fake friends, fake smile, fake feelings, fake truth, fake news, fake conflicts, fake wars, fake idols, fake food, fake fruit, fake vegetables, fake lips, fake hair, fake marriage, fake money, fake happiness, fake joy, fake sadness, fake success, fake beliefs, fake ideas, fake problems, fake solutions, fake values... fake art for a fake world.