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31. May 12

American University in Bosnia and Herzegovina organized a farewell cocktail party for the Deputy U.S. Ambassador to B&H Jonathan Moore whose engagement in our country is expiring.

The event was attended by numerous guests from political and public life of Bosnia and Herzegovina, including representatives of diplomatic core and many other distinguished guests.

Addressing the audience, Deputy Ambassador Moore said that he is a very proud American, especially proud over a fact that he belong to a great diplomatic service with a lot of professionals who does not follow only the instructions from Washington, but also their hearts.

- This same attitude I will have from August 6th at the new position as Director for the Balkans State Department, and it will be my pleasure to come back here to you, said Moore.

He added that it was a great honor for him to spend three years in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and that during that time he witnessed the sad and happy things, successes and failures, and that the vision of the United States is seeing our country becoming a member of the European Union and NATO.

- We tried to do some things in favor of Bosnia and Herzegovina with Butmir meeting, and so called April package before my arrival, which unfortunately was not possible because of politicians and circumstances, but I think there are plenty of opportunities for advancement u BiH, concluded Moore.