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22. June 13
Graduates of American university in BiH awarded with US accredited diplomas

The fourth generation of students of American University of Bosnia and Herzegovina has been promoted at the ceremony held on 22 June 2013 in Tuzla.

The students, perspective future leaders who are coming from different parts of Bosnia and Herzegovina have been awarded the diplomas in specialized fields of information technology, international law and international finance. Ninety-two students have been awarded globally recognized AUBiH diploma accredited also in the United States of America. Rector of the University, Mustafa Festić, Ph.D., congratulated young graduates and thanked them as well as their parents for their given trust and wished them success in their future education and contribution in the development of BiH.

President of the University, Esmir Ganić also congratulated students and their parents. “We believe that our graduates will know how to use their knowledge acquired during their four-year education at AUBiH in the best way and that they will use it in their professional development, improvement in private life as well as in the society in general. In the last six years of its existence American University in Bosnia and Herzegovina has achieved a lot in the development of quality of higher education in BiH by receiving American accreditation, hiring young, future leaders in BiH and establishing partnerships with many American education institutions that have been sending their students to attend educational and specialized programs in Bosnia and Herzegovina”, said the President Esmir Ganić.