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4. May 10

After high school graduation, students face a decision about their future—how and where to obtain the knowledge and skills that will allow them to succeed at the highest level. Since 2006, students in Bosnia and Herzegovina have had the unique opportunity to obtain a university education based on the American educational system. Students graduating from the American University in Bosnia and Herzegovina also earn n diploma from the State University of New York at Canton (a diploma recognized world-wide). Throughout their course of study at AUBIH, students are listed as regular students at SUNY Canton. Many of the courses are taught online from New York by SUNY Canton faculty, while other courses are taught here by professors primarily from the USA and recognized as experts in their respective fields. In addition, students at AUBIH have an opportunity to travel to the USA to spend a semester studying at SUNY Canton. Students also have access to SUNY’s digital library and its 18,000,000 titles.

By earning these two diplomas, students at AUBIH are given an opportunity to pursue their careers worldwide. AUBIH offers degree programs in International Finance and Banking, Digital Economy and Information Technology, and International Law and Diplomacy at our campus in Tuzla and campus additions in Sarajevo and Banja Luka. Courses are conducted in English in accordance with the latest methods in education and on the basis on the internationally acknowledged SUNY academic programs. In order to thoroughly prepare our students for their future careers and roles of the future leaders in their areas of expertise, AUBIH uses the Harvard "case study" approach, which is based on the analysis of actual cases and practical examples. AUBIH programs place special emphasis on efficient communication, critical and creative thinking, problem solving capabilities, quantitative and technological literacy, and cultural awareness. The education offered at AUBIH prepares our students to meet the highest standards a future employer may place upon them. 


An integral part of our study programs is a visit to New York between the 3rd and 4th year of study. During the summer semester, students are obliged to take and pass two subjects at SUNY. Apart from that, our students are given an opportunity to visit Wall Street, the Statue of Liberty, Manhattan, Niagara Falls, Times Square, and many other cultural and historic landmarks.