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15. March 19
Strategic Document for Bosnian IT Industry Signed

On March 15, 2019 members of Bit Alliance signed a strategic document entitled IT Manifest in Sarajevo. The document provides a specific plan for the preparation of future projects and policies of the legislative and executive branches in the IT sector of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

 - The results show certain potential that could be realized by positioning the IT industry as one of the strategic economic branches of BiH, which could create jobs for 6,000 IT experts over the next five years and generate one billion KM of revenues, said Muamer Bezdrob, President of the Bit Alliance Assembly and professor of American University in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The author of the IT Manifest Tatjana Vučić explained that this document represents a joint statement by 58 Bit Alliance member companies and that the statement is related to the segments of social action that needs to be developed with the goal of improving IT industry of BiH and its society in general.

Over the past few years, Bit Alliance has collected and analyzed data from a number of IT companies, non-governmental organizations, educational institutions and other partner organizations and prepared this strategic document which, among other things, addresses the lack of about 6,000 qualified IT personnel.

According to Edin Deljkic, Chairman of the Bit Alliance Board of Directors, all IT companies in BiH have the same problem, which is the lack of labor force. He added that the focus in the coming period will be on the promotion of IT industry in primary education, as well as on the improvement of the system of education which is currently not following the needs of Bosnian industry.

Bit Alliance was established in 2014. It consists of 58 IT companies and it represents 80% of the domestic IT industry capacity. Members of Bit Alliance have over 2,800 employees, while IT is one of the fastest growing branches in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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