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31. May 13
Job Fair at AUBiH

Traditional Careeer Day of the American University (AUBiH) was held on May 21st this year at UNITIC Business Centre in Sarajevo. This specific job fair is organized for students and graduates from AUBiH campuses in Sarajevo, Tuzla and Banja Luka. Representatives from 20 renowned domestic and international companies and organizations presented at AUBiH the most important aspects of the work and plans for the development of their organizations, and invited them to apply for various jobs.

Posao.ba agency, ASA Holding, GIZ and World Vision held special workshops presenting different approaches to recruitment and selection of candidates, methods and application forms needed for jobs, along with the simulation of the interview for admission to work, and offered specific recommendations to facilitate easier and faster employment. The next job fair at AUBiH is planned for October this year, when graduates will be presented new companies and organizations.

Meanwhile, AUBiH will continue to organize highly visited seminars for members of their own Business Club, as well as for other representatives of the wider business community in BiH. It is a strategic partnership between the university and business community that includes regular work internships for AUBiH students within the most modern, so-called dual system of higher education, which only now is taking root in Europe, with the exception of Germany.