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11. May 11
Jurnee Smollett, Hollywood star visited AUBiH

In cooperation with the US Embassy, Mrs. Jurnee Smollett visited the American University in Bosnia and Herzegovina today, accompanied by her husband, musician Josiah Bell.

The meeting with the AUBIH students took place in an amphitheatre of UNITIC in Sarajevo, and the host and facilitator was the AUBIH president, Mr. Denis Prcić. As the part of the US Embassy effort to promote engagement of the young and culture, Mrs. Smollett talked about her work as an actress and humanitarian activist, and she also mentioned the young people’s important role in making changes within their society.

Making priorities, pursuing them and listening to your own hear were Jurnee Smollett’s most distinct messages while she was talking to the students. She emphasized that origin, skin color and social status still played a certain role yet it was possible to succeed anywhere in the world and both in the USA and BiH.

The US is not an ideal country, although it is much better now and more advanced then it was in the time their parents grew up. Both of them, however, stressed that they endeavored to make the US better for their children.

Jurnee Smollett stared in Denzel Washington’s movie The Great Debaters in 2007. She is also well known for her roles in the TV series The Defenders, Friday Night Lights, and Cosby. Smollett is the youngest board member of Artist for New South Africa (ANSA), a non profit organization operating in the US and South Africa with the aim at struggling against HIV/AIDS, promoting human rights and equality, protecting rights to vote, education and inspiring children who became orphans due to AIDS, but also children and the young who are at risk. She has been married to Josiah Bell for six months.