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8. June 17
Kentucky University Professors

As part of ongoing partnership of the American University in BiH (hereinafter AUBiH) and Western Kentucky University (hereinafter WKU) and the latter’s decision to name the upcoming academic year (2017/18) "Year of BiH", representatives of WKU paid a visit to our country.

A group of ten professors of WKU visited the US Embassy in Sarajevo, OHR, city administration units of Brcko, Tuzla, municipality "Centar" of Sarajevo, Potocari Memorial, as well as universities in Mostar, Banja Luka and others.

WKU professor Jerry Daday noted, "In the past two weeks, my colleagues and I visited ten cities and towns and travelled more than 1,800km through Bosnia and Herzegovina. We’ve learned a lot of recent as well as ancient history of the country, as well as current and upcoming challenges faced by BiH. My colleagues and I are dedicated to sharing the knowledge with our students and colleagues at WKU and are excited with the prospect of naming the following year the International Year of BiH in our Bowling Green community. Throughout our travels, we’ve met extraordinary individuals fully committed to building a better and brighter future for this beautiful yet complex country. We have all been changed by this experience, both personally and professionally, and WKU remains fully dedicated to building stronger and long-lasting ties between our communities, universities and our new friends and colleagues in Bosnia and Herzegovina".

President of AUBiH Denis Prcic added, "Our long-lasting partnership with WKU is a direct result of strong cooperation between the universities and we are delighted by their decision to name the upcoming academic year "Year of BiH’. Representatives of WKU wanted to learn about BiH as much as possible so as to share their experiences and everything they learned through their talks with officials, students and common people with their students in the States. ‘Year of BiH’ at WKU will attempt to offer a wide array of information and specificities of Bih, such as culture, customs, folklore, music, Bosnian cuisine, etc. In fact, WKU cafeteria will offer traditional Bosnian cuisine".

WKU is among the leading US universities, having been founded more than a century ago. WKU is dedicated to ensuring international cooperation and their doors are always open for students from abroad. In fact, more than 1,300 students from more than 70 countries are part of WKU family.

WKU and AUBiH’s shared vision made the ongoing cooperation easy and natural. Furthermore, AUBiH annually hosts a number of representatives of globally acclaimed universities, in order to strengthen academic cooperation and present BiH in its best light. The entire cooperation initiative is part of AUBiH’s academic reforms that have been ongoing for 12 years now, aiming to improve on the useful skills and knowledge of its students and the community as a whole.