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24. May 11
Lecture for the AUBiH students by Almir Šahinpašić, a director of NLB Tuzla Bank


Amir Šahinpašić, a director of NLB Tuzla Bank dd, held a lecture “BiH Banking Sector in its Financial Stability Role” at American University in Bosnia and Herzegovina yesterday.

After he had praised the work of AUBiH and its management, Mr. Šahinpašić expressed his pleasure, in an introductory, for being invited to give a lecture for the AUBiH students, at the same time emphasizing that he was very proud of the fact that both he and NLB Tuzla Bank had been supporting the AUBiH work from the very beginning. Moreover, there is a contract signed between NLB Bank and AUBiH regarding available student loans with a long-term financing and grace period of 5 years and repayment period of 7 years after completing the studies.

Mr. Šahinpašić explained to the students, who were very interested in the lecture, the major macroeconomic indicators in BiH; while in the main part of the lecture, he focused on the banking sector which contributes to financial consolidation during recession. He stressed that banks had kept their loan activities and their interest rates at the minimal level in the region, which resulted in reduced profitability of banks.

During the lecture, Mr. Šahinpašić mentioned that liquidity and stability of the banking sector were priorities during recession and in the period of very slow recovery; further stating that estimation of loan risks was much better than it had been before.