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4. July 17
Lejla Hodžić, Honors Student

On Tuesday, July 4th of 2017, American University in BiH held a ceremony promoting the eighth generation of graduates of the University.

Among the speakers was Lejla Hodzic, best student in her generation who has graduated with highest honors.

"I believe I speak on the behalf of the 2013-2017 when I say that I am pleased at seeing all of you on the day when a new generation of AUBiH graduates is stepping out into the world. I would like to extend my deepest gratitude to the University for providing me with an opportunity to stand here today and act as a voice of a new generation of future leaders. I would like to personally thank my parents, who have taken part in my education and without whom my dreams would be impossible.

Furthermore, I would like to thank the University for the chance at quality education and constant advancement, both educationally and professionally speaking. Dear colleagues and graduates, we are the ones who are best qualified to speak of the challenges and struggles behind our personal quests at education and bettering oneself at AUBiH.

I invite you to use this ceremony as a chance to remember the time spent at AUBiH and reflect on your successes and failures, because they are equally important in defining our personalities. We have become stronger, wiser and more aware of ourselves, our capabilities and capacities. We have been passionate and dedicated over our ideas and I sincerely hope that passion and decisiveness will remain a mainstay in our work in the future.

Studying at AUBiH was no simple task. Being part of AUBiH’s entirely different and unique education system is both a challenge and an opportunity. We were surrounded by extraordinary individuals who have selflessly passed on their priceless knowledge and expertise. Studying at AUBiH carries with it a certain sense of belonging to a community, where we always had a chance to talk to faculty members and freely exchange ideas.

I would like to thank our unbelievable faculty for their unwavering openness and willingness for teaching and cooperation. Additionally, AUBiH showed us the importance of professional and academic engagement. Note however that even though we meticulously studied and examined numerous problems, there are many things that are left unanswered. We may not be at a position of power yet, but this does not in any way mean we are not a force to be reckoned with. What we possess in abundance is knowledge, the most important instrument and key to all positive changes.

Furthermore, as academics, we have a responsibility to our communities. We must never stop asking questions, pointing out problems and strive for a modern society by using knowledge as a platform for progress in our country.

Today may be the last day when we call ourselves students and I invite you to cherish the feeling and share it with your families and friends. I am proud that many of us have already started their journeys and while our paths may not always cross - we will always remain a part of a big AUBiH family.

I wish you the best in the future and am looking forward to seeing your successes as future leaders in the time of positive changes.

Thank you."