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16. June 09
Million dollars for the American Dream


American University in Bosnia and Herzegovina organized a scholarship awards ceremony at AUBiH Tuzla on Monday, June 15 2009 as a part of the project ˝One Million Dollars for the American Dream˝ which regulates scholarship of high school graduates from Bosnia and Herzegovina.

This year American University in Bosnia and Herzegovina granted KM 1.500.000, 00 (around 1 million US dollars) of their own resources in a form of four-year scholarships for 22 students from high schools from all parts of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

˝Million dollars for the American dream is a socially responsible project with the purpose of development and improvement of higher education in BiH as well as giving scholarships to excellent students and those of adverse social status. The plan was to have 33 high schools nominate three senior students for the AUBiH scholarship and have the nominees verified by the high school Faculty councils˝, says Denis Prcić, AUBiH President.

The primary criteria for awarding the scholarship were the results achieved in high school and the level of proficiency in the English language. Additional criteria referred to different competitions, special recommendations, adverse financial situation and the loss of one or both parents.

˝The final choice of one candidate from each 22 high schools in BiH, was made by AUBiH after the candidates had taken the entrance examination. The selected students signed their four-year scholarship contracts during the ceremony which was organized for this occasion˝, explained Šefik Mulabegović, PhD., provost of AUBiH.

During the ceremony the scholarship recipients received Plaquettes while the principals of the high schools were awarded Certificates of Thanks for their support in the realization of the project ˝One million dollars for the American dream˝.

˝For me and my family this scholarship means a lot, because it provides opportunities for development and contribution to my country. I believe that is the goal of this University. I hope that I will have the opportunity to continue my post-graduate studies at AUBiH, because the interest in this scholarship program shown by the high school students proves that this is a highly respected institution˝ said Ilijana Todorović, high school graduate from Banja Luka, one of 22 future freshmen at AUBiH.

On this occasion the ministers, members of the Board of Trustees of AUBiH, businessmen, municipality mayors, high school principals, scholarship recipients and their parents were addressed by the AUBiH President Denis Prcic, the Provost of AUBiH professor Šefik Mulabegović PhD., and professor John Calvin Jones PhD., who, on behalf of the faculty members, welcomed the future students to AUBiH.

The four-year scholarship recipients are:


  1. Dajana Beronja - Gimnazija Gradiška;
  2. Emir Burić - Gimnazija Lukavac;
  3. Vanja Čeifović - Opća gimnazija Katoličkog školskog centra u Banjoj Luci;
  4. Dajana Čelebić - Gimnazija Katolički školski centar „Sv. Franjo“ Tuzla;
  5. Velida Dedić Druga - Gimnazija Mostar;
  6. Nataša Domić Ekonomska škola Banja Luka;
  7. Ema Holub Opća realna - Gimnazija Katolički školski centar Sarajevo;
  8. Nadira Islamović - Gimnazija „Meša Selimović“ Tuzla;
  9. Armin Ljuca - Gimnazija „Vaso Pelagić“ Brčko;
  10. Edita Marić - Opća Gimnazija Mostar;
  11. Marijana Markotić - Gimnazija fra Grge Martića Mostar;
  12. Ahmet Novalić - Gimnazija „Mustafa Novalić“ Gradačac;
  13. Nihad Obradović - Opća Gimnazija Zenica;
  14. Edina Osmančević - Gimnazija Cazin;
  15. Amar Pap - Peta Gimnazija Sarajevo;
  16. Aladin Purić - Gimnazija Bihać;
  17. Senad Redžić - Gimnazija Živinice;
  18. Selma Smailagić - Koledž ujedinjenog svijeta Mostar;
  19. Ahmed Šećunović - Gazi Husrev-Begova Medresa;
  20. Sumejja Šljivić - Behrambegova medresa Tuzla;
  21. Ilijana Todorović - Gimnazija Banja Luka;
  22. Mirela Turkić - Gimnazija Mustafa Kamarić Gračanica.