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17. September 09

On September 16th, 2009, Minister of Education and Culture in the Government of Republika Srpska, Anton Kasipović, visited the College of International Law in Banja Luka, founded by American University in Bosnia and Herzegovina. On this occasion, the Minister met with AUBiH students and members of AUBiH management and administration.

“The goal of the study program of the College of International Law, which operates within American University in BiH, is to produce students in this country that will master the fundamentals of international, European, American and BiH legal systems, and be trained to act adequately in an international environment, and not only in BiH”, highlighted John Calvin Jones, Dean of the College of International Law within American University in BiH.

“The advantage of studying at AUBiH is the specific method of education, which makes it possible for students to have a direct access into the very essence of the actual matter, so as to best master the subject matter and get closer to their Master’s and doctoral studies”, added Dean Jones, pointing out that all obstacles that may be found over the four-year studies can be overcome with hard work.

Having visited the College and talked to the students, Minister Kasipović said he was convinced the students will have good and top-quality classes, adding that “to confirm this, you have the quality of design and technical conditions in which these young people will be working and studying here. The study program is the essential breakthrough when compared to the overall system of higher education that we have in the RS, with one of its basic advantages being the dedication of the lecturers and their commitment to students, as well as the insistence on daily communication between the lecturer and the students”.

In addition, Minister Kasipović expects everyone in the RS to recognize the interest this entity will receive with the generations completing these studies and that the RS Government will find a way in which to cooperate in this project, primarily when it comes to student scholarships.

Denis Prcić, AUBiH President, said that one class of students will be enrolled in the first generation – some 30 students. “We opted for this in order to make it possible for everyone in the Banja Luka region, and the wider region, wishing to study in a distinguished, primarily career-oriented institution of higher education. In addition, the opening of the College of International Law in Banja Luka will have a positive impact on the economy of the city of Banja Luka”, added Mr. Prcić.

Ilijana Todorović, a first generation student of international law, said that she chose this study program because of the advantages offered by the US education system, and the semester she will be spending in the USA and the adequate internship. She was thrilled to add that “based on the good result she achieved on her entrance exam, she received a scholarship from American University in BiH.”