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29. August 11
Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Turkey, Dr. Davutoglu delivered a speech at the American University in Bosnia and Herzegovina THE BALKANS IS RATHER THE CENTER OF EUROPE THAN THE PERIPH

Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Turkey, His Excellency Dr. Ahmet Davutoglu today in Sarajevo at the American University in BiH held a speech about the Turkey's views on the Balkans and Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as the role of Turkey as a factor of stability in the region.

Minister Dovutoglu was introduced by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Bosnia and Herzegovina Sven Alkalaj, while the host of the event was President of the American University in Bosnia and Herzegovina Denis Prcić.

Minister Davutoglu in his speech pointed out that the vision of Turkish diplomacy for the Balkans in the 21 century is integration, as opposed to the divisions of the 20th. He identified three methodological principles for the Balkans, namely:

  • A vision rather than crisis
  • The future rather than past
  • The value rather than ideology.


Speaking in the context of Balkan integration, Davutoglu said that we have to solve our own problems, instead of having great powers coming and solving our local problems. He stressed the value of economic and cultural integration in the Balkans, saying that the area of the Balkans among the world's most optimal places for these integrations, and that "the Balkans are not periphery but also is and will be the center of Europe."

Minister of Foreign Affairs Sven Alkalaj in his opening speech stressed the merits of the Minister Davutoglu attempts to establish a better dialogue between Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia and Turkey.

In his speech, the president of the American University Denis Prcić said, among other things, that today's lecture and the presence of senior Turkish delegation once again proved that the American University is a place where in addition to gaining knowledge through regular classes students have an opportunity to hear world-class diplomats. "This is an opportunity to also point out that the AUBiH degree, in addition to being recognized in the United States, the EU and Bosnia and Herzegovina, has been recently officially acknowledged by the YOK, the Ministry of Higher Education in the Republic of Turkey," said Prcic.

President of American University Denis Prcić as sign of gratitude for everything that Minister Davutoglu does for Bosnia and Herzegovina and the region, presented him with the crest of the American University in Bosnia and Herzegovinai in brass made by the Sarajevo coppersmiths Nasir Jabučar. Minister Davutoglu presented President Prcic with a gift from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Turkey.