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2. October 12

Senior student at American University in Bosnia and Herzegovina (AUBiH), Mirela Turkic, traveled to Washington this morning, to the United States of America Congress on Capitol Hill, in order to complete a three-month internship.

This twenty-two-year-old student from Gracanica, a senior student of international law and diplomacy at AUBiH, speaking to reporter of Anadolia agency, did not hide her excitement with the opportunity which was given to her.

"The internship on Capitol Hill is the realization of my dreams and I'm very excited about it. I am looking forward to this unforgettable experience because I will be among people who create the global policy and whose influence reaches not only lives of the ordinary people in America, but is far-reaching. This influence can be felt even by us, here in Bosnia and Herzegovina," said Turkic.

On Capitol Hill, she will be granted the unique opportunity to work with members of Congress and to learn about the legislative process. Turkic emphasized how honored she is to be the first of the students to go to Capitol Hill, and to have a chance to represent the American University in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Bosnian state.

"Internship is tailored to needs of the students, their expectations and abilities. I will be surrounded by congressmen, people working on the creation of American policy. I will be able to learn from them and grow as a young professional. They will, through my work, evaluate my performance and offer me a place I deserve," said Turkic.

The possibility to remain in the United States after internship exists, but Mirela said she has no such aspirations, and her desire is to return to Bosnia. She also said that she wants to finish the undergraduate degree, continue her academic development at AUBiH, and after completing a master's degree to work in her own country and try to help in its development.

"The internship on Capitol Hill is not just something that looks nice in the resume. This is something that leaves a deep imprint in your professional development. My goal is to work hard and learn more about the things which I see myself in, "said the successful Bosnian, in this interview with Anadolia agency, and concluded that she is certain that during internship on Capitol Hill she will meet both other people’s and her own expectations.