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19. March 19
NATO and Security of Europe

On Thursday, March 14, 2019, a promotion of the book NATO and Security of Europe was held at the Bosnian Cultural Center in Tuzla. The authors of the book are dr. Selmo Cikotić, dean of the National Security Academy (NSA) at American University of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and retired General Fikret Muslimović, former deputy of the Counterintelligence Service of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, which was an integral part of the Yugoslav People's Army.

The organizer of the promotion was American University in Bosnia and Herzegovina, while promoters of the book were H.E. dr. Boro Vučinić, Ambassador of Montenegro to Croatia and former Director of the National Security Agency, as well as former Minister of Defense of Montenegro, HE. Martin Kačo, Ambassador of Slovakia to Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Kenan Dautović, General of the Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

During the presentation, dr. Cikotic said that Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) has no other alternative, and that every other alternative is dangerous and unstable. Dr. Cikotic believes that the answer to the question of why BiH is still not a member of NATO should be looked for in ourselves, but certainly in the NATO alliance, while we should not exclude the powerful influence of Russia and Serbia on BiH.

General Muslimović said that the book NATO and Security of Europe is significant for the public of BiH, but that it is especially important for the professional public because BiH is very close to integration into the NATO alliance. He added that NATO in BiH already has its own structure, and that according to the Dayton Peace Agreement NATO also has its mission that will be activated in case of any need.

The promotion was attended by guests from Montenegro, Croatia, Serbia, as well as professional public, military veterans and other public figures from all over Bosnia and Herzegovina.