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12. June 17
NATO Commander in BiH Giselle M. Wilz

Commander and Senior Military Representative of the NATO Headquarters in Sarajevo Brigadier General Giselle M. Wilz visited the American University in BiH (hereinafter AUBiH) on Friday, where she held a lecture and was introduced to educational innovations implemented at AUBiH.

More than a 100 of AUBiH students attended the lecture by Commander Wilz, where she discussed the current challenges BiH faces on its path to NATO, as well as the importance of educating future leaders. Commander Wilz was positively surprised by the fact that numerous students of AUBiH actually come from countries from around the globe.

Commander Wilz noted, "I have had a pleasure to talk to students of AUBiH today. It is a great honor and I must admit that visiting universities and discussing Euro-Atlantic integrations most certainly remains one of the more positive aspects of duties of a Commander of NATO Headquarters. We have had a quality discussion and heard excellent questions from all students. I certainly hope to get a chance for more such meetings and lectures before I leave this wonderful country".

President of AUBiH Denis Prcic presented Commander Wilz with the "Leadership Award", as recognition for her efforts in Bosnia and Herzegovina’s path to NATO.

"We are honored to host the Commander of NATO Headquarters, Giselle Wilz. We are grateful for everything she has done for our country, for all the efforts aimed at making BiH a member of NATO. I think that AUBiH students learned a lot today and as a result, we have decided to present the ‘Leadership Award’ to Commander Wilz, because we are certain that she is an ideal example of a leader for generations to follow", added the President of AUBiH Denis Prcic.

Upon completion of her visit and lecture, Commander Wilz presented Mr. Prcic with the plaque of Recognition for Outstanding Contribution to the Work of NATO Forces in BiH.