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6. October 09

Academic year 2009/2010 for students studying at American University in Bosnia and Herzegovina, in Tuzla, Sarajevo and Banja Luka, officially started on October 5th, 2009. On this occasion, the students were addressed by Dr. Šefik Mulabegović, AUBiH President, and Dr. Sadik Latifagić, Academic Provost, wishing the fourth generation of AUBiH students a warm welcome and success in their studies to come.

“Now that you have become part of the American University in BiH community and part of our partner State University of New York, you have a chance of becoming competitive in the world market once you complete your studies. However, it ultimately depends on you and your ability to become trained through daily work for resolving any tasks you will be facing in the future. AUBiH will engage all of its available capacity in order to help you achieve that”, said AUBiH President Mulabegović in his address to the freshmen in the context of unstoppable technological development of the civilization and the age in which competitiveness, in all aspects of life, is a rather significant factor, including education.

In addition to his welcome address, academic department managers on all three AUBiH campuses organized the orientation day for new students, providing them with more detailed information as to their rights and duties, as well as the structure and operating methods of American University in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The large number of newly-enrolled students comes as a result of dedicated work on the part of both AUBiH staff and management in achieving the objectives set and accomplishing the mission of the University. The interest in AUBiH that can be observed in the market has resulted in the sudden expansion of AUBiH, i.e. expanding the activities to Banja Luka, i.e. the Republika Srpska.

Competitive advantages and stable growth in the number of students at the existing departments, such as International Finance and Banking, Digital Economy and Information Technologies, and International Law and Diplomacy, will, in the coming years, serve as the springboard for expanding scientific areas within AUBiH.