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18. July 12

Students from Northeastern University in Boston, in partnership with the American University in Bosnia and Herzegovina have visited Bosnia and Herzegovina for the past two weeks. The visit to Bosnia and Herzegovina was organized under the Northeastern University travel abroad program, titled; “The Dialogue of Civilizations”. The students had the possibility to learn about the culture and the functions of this country. The visit was based on the possibility to better learn about the functions of the political organizations, religious communities and the coexistence within Bosnia and Herzegovina. Students from Boston, together with the AUBIH students visited various state institutions of BiH, including the Presidency, the Parliament, leaders of various religious communities, Office of the High Representative (OHR), the American Embassy in Sarajevo, and nongovernmental organizations.

Dr. Denis J. Sullivan, a professor at Northeastern University and the director of the travel abroad program said; This is not just a mere visit to a country. This is an academic program which allows students to research and learn about the functions of that country by interacting with its people. I believe that it was of great importance that our students had the possibility to spend time with students from the American University in Bosnia and Herzegovina, for interaction between students of different cultures is the best way for them to learn from each other.”

During their visit, students from the U.S had unforgettable moments and most of them plan to come back. They plan to continue their studies at The American University in Bosnia and Herzegovina, made possible by the student exchange program between Northeastern University and AUBIH. Other than a student exchange program, there will be a professor exchange program, dual diplomas, an exchange of research and other academic material, and the possibility of American students to train in Bosnia and Herzegovina and students from Bosnia and Herzegovina to train in the United States.