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6. May 16
Official partner of 7th Sarajevo Business Forum

Worldwide experts and representatives of most important regional and global education investors led a discussion on topic „Sarajevo as international educational hub“.

Due to growing globalization and internationalization of higher education, goal was to present Sarajevo as world’s educational hub providing prestigious education and developing world class human capital. Living into the fast changing world of interdependence, it is safe to decide that only well educated and prepared leaders of today may respond to challenges and tests of future times.

President of American University in Bosnia and Herzegovina (AUBiH), mr. Denis Prcić, as panel speaker, emphasized that Bosnia and Herzegovina has a huge potential for attracting foreign students and that AUBiH supports the idea of Sarajevo becoming educational hub. AUBiH is already strategically determined towards the idea of attracting foreign students as AUBiH hosts more than 550 students from United States of America and Europe each year.