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7. April 17
Our reform of education

Innovation, the US educational system, quality control

The reform of education is important topic for so many years. For 12 years, American University in Bosnia and Herzegovina works and carries out educational reform, focused on improving the useful knowledge of its students and society as a whole.

Foto: Denis Prcić, president

Since its establishment in 2005, American University in Bosnia and Herzegovina (AUBiH) has strived with its innovations to offer additional value to its students. American positive values, work habits, cultural values, as well as the best theories and practices of the American education system were applied to AUBiH.

All lectures and courses which are studied and offered at AUBiH are recorded in "smart classrooms", and the video clips are placed in the "Learning Management System" (LMS). Students attend classes in the smart classrooms, but they can also attend lectures through the LMS, using a computer, tablet, PC or smartphone.

Video recordings of lectures are stored in a database and can be viewed after the classes. All students have access to "online" classroom for each subject they are attending. Professor sets the reading material, assignments, recording lectures, discussion of case studies and other study materials on the platform of online classroom. Students can take exams via electronic testing, using AUBIH - LMS system, and be automatically evaluated. This entire system, with the traditional way of studying, enables distance learning to students who work or are not able to come to school regularly.

For the purpose of quality control, we have developed a system of acquiring knowledge with mechanisms that enable that, such as:

1. smart classrooms
2. recording of all lectures and the possibility of retroactive views
3. "live streaming" lectures
4. electronic textbooks
5. electronic tests and evaluation
6. quality control of professors’ lectures
7. students evaluate professors (2 x per semester)

American University in Bosnia and Herzegovina was established 12 years ago, with campuses and faculties in Tuzla and Sarajevo. American University in Bosnia and Herzegovina is the only higher education institution in the region with American accreditation (ACICS), with a view that, to current and future students in Bosnia and Herzegovina, provides academic and professional education, based on the American system of education. American University in Bosnia and Herzegovina has four faculties, academy and scientific research institute.

System of studying at the American University is accredited by the accreditation agency ACICS (Accrediting Council for independent Colleges and Schools) from the United States and the Council for Higher Education of Turkey (YOK), the Agency for higher education development and quality assurance (HEA), which makes diplomas at the American University in Bosnia and Herzegovina accepted in the United States, European Union, Turkey, the Middle East and Bosnia and Herzegovina by the standards of Bologna (ETCS) and the US education system.

American University in Bosnia and Herzegovina has adopted a development strategy 2015-2020, following the "STEM - Science, Technology, Engineering, Math", and establishing a new "think tank" institute, and operational centers focusing on new technologies in current areas.

By now, more than 3,000 students received diplomas and certificates, who are currently working in the most prestigious domestic and global companies and institutions such as Google, Microsoft, P & G, Facebook, the European Central Bank, Deutsche Bank, in many state institutions, etc.