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8. May 17
ProCredit Bank as employer

On Friday, April 14th, AUBiH students attended lecture organized by Career Development Center (CDC) where they were introduced with ProCredit Bank as employer and employment process in this company.

ProCredit Bank is a company that does not fit into the standard mould under which most financial institutions operate. Students were informed that this company cherishes diversity and that ProCredit team is gathered of creative and ambitious young professionals.

One of the lecturers was AUBiH alumni, Edin Bajraktarević, who currently works in ProCredit bank.
“In my experience, ProCredit bank is perfect employer for young people, especially those without work experience. Also, process of choosing employees is very fair, transparent and based on quality of the candidate.”, said Edin during his presentation.

Many students attended this presentation and were very satisfied with the useful information they received from ProCredit employees.

One of most valuable messages was sent by Mevlida Đečević Koštrebić: “Don’t wait for a chance, search and create them!”.

Career Development Center exists within American University in BiH and provides students with help and guidance.
“With an important goal to create an additional educational value relevant to successful tomorrow's employment of its students, American University in Bosnia and Herzegovina through its Career Development Center welcomed ProCredit Bank for a guest lecture on the topic including the bank's overview as well as the recruitment process in place and, in such way, emphasized the benefit that the business sector can provide to today's students in shaping their perspective toward the job market in particular.”, said professor Sanda Putica, the CDC coordinator.

At the end, students had a chance to ask questions and inform about the company, core values, and employment process. Also, they were introduced to “ProCredit Entry Programme” and chance to start a career with ProCredit.