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10. December 18
Promotion of Professor Selmo Cikotić’s Book: Leadership – Theory and Practice

On December 12, 2018, American University in Bosnia and Herzegovina (AUBiH) organized a promotion of the book Leadership – Theory and Practice by Selmo Cikotić, Dean of the National Security Academy (NSA), which operates as part of AUBiH. The book was promoted by dr. Mirsad Đonlagić, Rector of AUBiH and professors of the University of Tuzla Adisa Delić and Bahrija Umihanić.

According to Professor Umihanić, the book deals with various areas of leadership relations with management, media management, and it will surely be of great benefit to present and future leaders.

  -I would like to emphasize the pronounced influence of leadership in Bosnia and Herzegovina on concrete situations, in which, among other things, the importance of ethics and morality is accentuated as the prerequisite for achieving leadership positions.

AUBiH Rector Mirsad Đonlagić talked about the importance of leadership and management in all spheres of social life.

  -We have to accept the fact that management, that is management and leaders make decisive steps toward progress regardless of the segment of our society. In this sense, I consider this book to be very correct, very necessary, and it is the right time to talk about the things that Bosnia and Herzegovina is lacking in a meaningful and serious way.

On this occasion, professor Delić said, “If, in addition to these global trends, we take into account the complexity of our society, which Cikotić does in his book, then leadership in our context becomes even more important, because it is more dominated by divisions than connection and trust. Therefore, we need leaders both at the level of micro-social groups and at the level of organizational units, enterprises, institutions, as well as at the state level.”

During his presentation, author Cikotić stressed that the book is intended for students, professors, politicians, managers, as well as those who deal with economy, business, education, culture, sports, science and agriculture, in short for all those in any positions that imply leadership, but also managerial skills.

The promotion of the book was attended by students and professors of Tuzla universities, politicians and military veterans, as well as other people from the public life of the City of Tuzla and the Tuzla Canton.