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29. March 19
NATO and security of Europe in Sarajevo

On Friday, March 29, 2019, a promotion of the book NATO and Security of Europe was held at the National Theater in Sarajevo. The authors of the book are dr. Selmo Cikotić, dean of the National Security Academy (NSA) at American University in Bosnia and Herzegovina (AUBiH), and retired General Fikret Muslimović.

The promotion was organized by American University in Bosnia and Herzegovina, while promoters of the book were H.E. Krisztián Pósa, Hungarian Ambassador to Bosnia and Herzegovina, and General of the Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina Kenan Dautović.

   - We wanted to write concrete texts and provide facts that we now offer to the academic, analytical, and political audience, as well as to other authors, but we hope for a debate based on arguments, said dr. Cikotić.

Professor Cikotić also stated that the authors of the book treated the quarter century which represented the end of the 20th and the beginning of the 21st century, that is turbulent time and events that marked important changes in world relations and the world order.

   - The prediction should be the primary goal of analytical review of facts. My opinion is that many complex variables are actually the influences that make it difficult to predict and analyze security and politics. It is not possible for anyone to be a prophet, but if the facts and relations of certain factors involved in the security situation in Europe and the world are harmonized, one can predict and forecast further development of security opportunities and the future with a solid amount of certainty and probability. My opinion is that there will not be a large-scale conflict, especially not a direct military conflict between the main and the strongest rivals on the world stage, General Muslimović explained.

The promotion was attended by a number of guests and individuals from the public life of Bosnia and Herzegovina.