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15. September 13
RACVIAC signs MOU with American university in BiH

The President of the American University in Bosnia and Herzegovina (AUBiH), Mr. Esmir Ganic, and Director of Centre for Security Cooperation (RACVIAC), Ambassador Branimir Mandic, signed Memorandum of understanding and cooperation.

By recognizing mutual interests in the areas of fostering international understanding, academic cooperation, and contributing to security and stability in South-East Europe, parties agreed to institutionalize their cooperation by this Memorandum. By signing this instrument of cooperation, parties will support each other in fullfilment of their missions.

AUBiH recognizes RACVIAC's mission as regional organization in fostering cooperation on security matters in the South-East Europe region. In addition, AUBiH reafirms its interest in areas such as domestic, regional and international security, contemporary security challenges, cyber security and Euro-Atlantic security. Since AUBiH as educational institution aims to provide quality education to its students, this cooperation would be mutually beneficial through collaboration on various projects and reasearch, exchange of faculty, experts and publications and organizing joint seminars and conferences.

This Agreement opens up numerous opportunites for cooperation. These institutions will establish and enhance cooperation, including partnerships with local, regional and global academic community, business and industry sectors, as well as governmental and non-governmental institutions.

Due to the strong relationship and cooperation between MJC and American University in Bosnia and Herzegovina, group of AUBIH students joined the Conference as volunteers and participants. AUBIH assisted in Conference preparations, particularly in obtaining Visa for international participants. In addition, AUBIH volunteers were active during the Conference on daily basis through various activities. As the MJC members emphasized, AUBIH volunteers were valuable asset to their team and a significat contribution by AUBIH. Both AUBIH and MJC recognized the importance of MJC vision and its implementation, and expressed willingness to continue their cooperation in future projects.