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12. March 10

Education is essential for the development of every country

The Public Relations Department of American University in Bosnia and Herzegovina hereby informs the public that Congressman Russ Carnahan was a guest at AUBIH via video link, on March 11.

On that occasion, Congressman Carnahan gave a short lecture at AUBiH in Tuzla on ˝The importance of Education for the Development of BiH˝, and answered the questions posed by the students.

˝Do not forget how important your role is in the development of BiH. You have to know that no one is going to come and do something that you yourselves are expected to do. The United States supports BiH on the path towards European integration. I support you as well, and I am sure that you will, having the education system that the students in the United States have, contribute to overcoming the challenges that BiH faces. I represent the District of St. Louis, where thousands of Bosnians and Herzegovinians are successfully integrated in all walks of life. They are, today, successful businessmen, entrepreneurs, teachers. I want you to know that anything is possible if you are willing to fight for it˝, said Congressman Carnahan.

˝Everyone knows that Bosnia and Herzegovina is facing the challenges of integration. In the context of fast-growing knowledge and market competition, the development of BiH has to be based on improving the knowledge, skills and human potential. The knowledge and skills are becoming the biggest capital, and individuals who posses the knowledge and skills lead toward the development of society. The American University in Bosnia and Herzegovina endorses this approach, and hopes to enable their students to acquire the knowledge that will enable them to respond to future professional challenges˝, stated Merima Spahić, Director of Public Relations at AUBIH.

˝ It is a great honor to listen to Congressman Carnahan, especially knowing how committed he is to our country. I consider any new knowledge happy news, and I am sure that I will have a lot to learn from Congressman Carnahan. I am a freshman at AUBiH in Banja Luka, and I am very happy to have this opportunity to meet my fellow students in Tuzla, attend classes here for a few days, see the sights in Tuzla and spend time with my peers, ˝ said Ilijana Todorović, a student from Banja Luka.