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29. April 19
AUBiH Student Marina Rajić at West Virginia University

AUBiH student Marina Rajić is in the United States of America where she is studying at an AUBiH partner university West Virginia University as part of her student exchange program. She is reading a lot and trying to acquire as many skills as possible to bring them back to BiH. We talked with Marina about her experience with AUBiH, the skills she is currently using at her work and her plans for the future.

1. How was it like to studyin Bosnia and Herzegovina and how did you come to the United States?

At first, not everything went well but it all changed later. Today, I am glad to have enrolled at AUBiH's law school because, as my father once said, I am very sesnitive to social injustice and I have always wanted to help other people. Law provides me with the opportunity to do what I like, to fight injustice, and that is the most important thing. My biggest challenge was to learn to study, constantly develop myself and think about everything I do. AUBiH helped me a lot in this sense, and after enrolling at AUBiH things began to develop in the right direction. Last year, I was provided with the opportunity to study in the United States and that is how I came here.

2. Why did you enroll at AUBiH?

I wanted to study in English and have a degree recognized anywhere in the world. AUBiH presented their programs in my high school and I really liked them. I took an entrance exam several weeks after that and I received almost the maximum number of points. At the same time, I applied for a program at the Academy of Performing Arts, but after a few rounds of selection I was rejected. For me this was a kind of sign that I should study at AUBiH. Today, I am very glad about it because I would definitely not be in the United States and I probably would not expect career that I am expecting now.

3. What is the most important thing you learned at college?

AUBiH opened the door to science for me, it convinced me that I can do almost anything I want and in a way it showed me the way to success. At AUBiH I learned to believe that everything in our lives depends mostly on ourselves, but someone really needs to explain it to us just like my professors explained it to me. Everything I learned at AUBiH I use in my classes here. Our curricula are compatible with the courses I am taking here and I feel perfectly prepared to study with my American colleagues. In short, AUBiH taught me that studying and investing in myself always pays off, and I think that my love for learning new things and improving myself will never die.

4. Which of your courses were most useful so far?

Generally, I would say that all of them were useful. However, international, public and private law helped me not only in the classroom but also in everyday life. I know what my rights are in Bosnia and Herzegovina, but I know what my rights are when traveling outside of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Sometimes, I advise friends who have their own businesses or solve some legal issues. On projects within legal courses I have learned to be a team player, to think as part of the group and beyond standard formats, which is extremely important in business world. Because of this, I now have a completely different approach in communicating with people and I solve problems in a much calmer way and from multiple perspectives.

5. What are your plans for the future?

I am coming back to BiH and I am planning to look for a job because I want to make a one-year break before continuing education, but I certainly want to continue to be financially independent. Also, I want to test my skills and knowledge that I acquired at AUBiH and in the United States. In addition, I would like to have the opportunity to share them with my friends, colleagues and youth of Bosnia and Herzegovina. After that, I am going back to school. I want to continue learning.

6. What message do you want to send to the current and future students?

Taking into account the circumstances in Bosnia and Herzegovina, what I want to suggest might not look as a great idea, but I would like to advise students to work on themselves no matter what the situation is or might be. They should not be afraid of changes because they are probably the only constant thing in our lives. Therefore, they should always strive for changes for the better. When it comes to the AUBiH students, only when they graduate they will realize how lucky they were to have the opportunity to study at AUBiH and receive an American degree.