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7. July 15
Students received US Accredited Diplomas

Sarajevo, July 7 2015. - In Sarajevo City Hall, AUBiH Commencement was held for the graduants 2011- 2015 of the American University in Bosnia and Herzegovina (AUBiH).

Graduation ceremony promoted 6th AUBiH generation in front of the government officials from Tuzla and Sarajevo Canton, as well as from the Ministries od Defence, Security, Foreign Affairs, Foreign Trade and Economic Relations. Foreign states Ambassadors and Chief of Missions, such as US, Croatian and Pakistan Ambassadors, and OSCE were also present among many other distinguished guests from BiH public sphere.

At the very beginning, Mr. Denis Prcić, president of AUBiH, addressed the present: „We have the special honour to announce that American Government continues to support the American system of education and we are privileged to host Her Excellency Mrs. Maureen Cormack, the US Ambassador in BiH as a key note speaker today.“

Mr. Dario Jovanović, AUBiH Alumni, the first AUBiH generation graduant highlighted the values, knowledge and skills he acquired during his studies at AUBiH that opened the doors for success in his career and added: ‘’Education is the only capital that is worth investing without you ever feeling remorse for having done that. Perhaps the biggest advantage of education is that, beside all other things, like it or not, it teaches you to be a better man.''

Prof. emeritus Dr. Sadik Latifagić, AUBiH Pro-Rector, explained that American University in Bosnia and Herzegovina was one amongst the first to offer contemporary education programs in BiH and was supported from the relevant insitutions. '' The first change is in the methods of transferring knowledge, ex-cathedra was replaced by dialogue between professor and student and student-professor communication is possible practically during all 24 hours'', illustrated Prof. Dr. Latifagić.

Prof. dr. Mustafa Festić, AUBiH Rector, pointed at the challenges that young educated people are facing today, as well as having knowledge as a powerful tool to fight against negative social trends. ''A wise and clever man overcomes all challenges. The biggest natural disasters and cataclysms were recovered by the man who had a creative imagination.’’ said Prof. Dr. Festić.

Mrs. Irina Ćurović, Valedictoran of generation 2015 highlighted in her speech: ''Remember that, we have the power and the capacity to make a change.''

Just before diplomas were awarded, as a key note speaker, Mrs. Maureen Cormack US ambassador to BiH addressed the graduants wishing them many success in their further academic and professional growth.