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18. December 08

A visit for all AUBiH students has been arranged to distinguished companies and state institutions seated in Sarajevo. The visit was part of extracurricular activities that American University in Bosnia and Herzegovina organizes with an aim to introduce the students to the business and profile of successful BiH economic entities. The visit was also a result of the intention to introduce our University's students, who, as of next year, will be entering the market of highly-qualified and professionally trained young experts whose work will be appreciated through a general level of added value to the employer's business operation, to targeted companies as their potential employers.

While planning the visit, particular care was taken to have the host's main field of activity in line with the curriculum of the appropriate AUBiH college. Therefore, a visit to the Sarajevo Stock Exchange (SASE) was organized for students attending the College of International Finance and Banking. The students had an opportunity of observing an ordinary work day at SASE, and being practically introduced to all stock exchange daily activities applied in dealing with securities. The visit was followed by a lecture on stick exchange operation delivered by SASE staff. Students attending the College of International Law and Diplomacy visited the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Bosnia and Herzegovina, where they were introduced to the activities of this state institution, currently being implemented on taking BiH into Euro-Atlantic integration and visa regime liberalization (http://www.mfa.gov.ba/index_cro.htm). For students attending the College of Digital Economy and Information Technologies, QSS - Software Technology Ltd gave a presentation of Microsoft business ideas adjusted to the market in the region, offering a complete information package required for the development and monitoring of business activities of a company. By visiting the head office of the Internet employment portal Posao.ba, students become more familiar with the BiH labor market which has, owing to this portal, become successfully integrated into world tendencies where internet labor markets have long become active places of exchange of various information, as well as of search for required jobs and experts.

The visit was completed by a joint visit to a BiH company with a long tradition and international reputation, Energoinvest D.D. The students were introduced to the background of the company which was established before the war and had quite a successful in international business operation as such. The presentation also included the successful transition of this pre-war business giant that managed to adjust to market business conditions in a short time.