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2. July 09

The first generation of students attending American University in Bosnia and Herzegovina has left for the United States of America, as part of the curriculum, where they will attend the lectures at the partner State University of New York (SUNY) over summer.

“We are very proud of our first generation of students. This proves that AUBiH does its utmost, in cooperation with SUNY, in order to ensure top-quality in the field of education, at the same time keeping all the promises the university gave its students at the beginning of the studies”, stresses Denis Prcić, AUBiH President, adding that AUBiH students will be studying and working together with US students over the summer, and at the same time doing paid internship, and, in that way, receiving practical knowledge in the most distinguished companies worldwide.

Although they left our country only a few days ago, the first reactions of our students have started arriving – containing only words of great delight on the part of our students attending the third year of study at AUBiH.

During their stay on SUNY Campus, in addition to daily lectures, there will be a number of extracurricular activities organized. President of SUNY Canton, Dr. Joseph L. Kennedy will address the students as early as July 5th, explaining their status as SUNY residents, and inform them of their rights which are guaranteed with the status they are receiving. As part of the visit by Chancellor Nancy Zimpher to SUNY, our students will have the opportunity of meeting the chairwoman of the highest SUNY management body.

In addition to various activities, AUBiH students will mark the US national holiday – July 4th – Independence Day, on Dr. William Jones' farm, over a barbecue. Sports activities, visits to Niagara Falls, Manhattan, Wall Street and Times Square are some of the many activities planned for our students over the summer they will be spending in New York.