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19. December 12

The American University in Bosnia and Herzegovina (AUBIH) has initiated the digitalization of university system of the entire educational process, with the goal to create the first digital university in BiH and Southeastern Europe. Academic practices in all areas of higher education are radically transforming all over the world and AUBIH is proud to join the global community of technology focused universities.

AUBIH introduced so called “smart” classrooms to the teaching process, as well as tablet PCs, digital textbooks, and online virtual courses through distance learning. Classes also use “smart boards”: interactive electronic blackboards where students and professors can post and work on assignments online. All students primarily use digital textbooks by renowned world-class authors, published by leading publishing houses. Student Services are based in electronic communication. Grading is done by entering grades into the system, and classes use software that scans for “cheating”, guaranteeing a fair evaluation method. As a result, AUBiH students are now able to acquire new academic knowledge more quickly and with greater ease.

„Now that AUBiH is becoming the first digital university in region, the students will have the opportunity to master the curriculum and acquire relevant knowledge, students can now devote more of their time to acquiring practical skills through internships at some of the best known firms and institutions in BIH and the US,” stresses Denis Prcić, the president of the Board of trustees of AUBiH.

The digitalized education process ensures students greater mobility in the learning process and enables them to invest their creative energy in initiating academic and professional projects that contribute their professional development.

“The great comparative advantage of the American University in BIH is our interdisciplinary approach, because students study different subject groups, which creates a good foundation for them to follow their own academic and professional interests,” explains management professor Malcolm Duerod “This modern approach to education enables our graduates to boom in the new digital economy that emphasizes creativity.”

AUBIH is a career oriented university, which means that students, apart from the academic education, also have a mandatory professional internship in leading companies in BIH. Internships allow them to acquire relevant professional experience, which opens doors to the most wanted employers in the country and the world for many students - such as Google, KPMG, PWC, Oracle, ASA Prevent, EUDB, CCI, Raiffeisen Bank, and other governmental institutions and companies.

The modernization that has taken place has initiated positive changes in the AUBIH students’ learning and work, and contributed to the improvement of their results in classes as well as during internships.

“The modernization of the university has brought a change to AUBIH students,” says Armin Ljuca, fourth year student at the American School of Technology at AUBIH, and explains: “The students can repeatedly view all recorded lectures, which makes learning easier. Furthermore, we can study for exams together online, and we also have access to digital libraries so we can access all digital textbooks and materials necessary for virtual classes over the internet.”

Digital university libraries are an important factor of the digitalized academic process and therefore the library service at AUBIH is directed towards offering information services, which include selection, analysis, preservation, distribution and maintenance of digital collections, in order for them to be available for use by students, teachers and associates of the university, as well as external users.

“AUBIH strives to establish a modern digital library concept, or “library without limits”, which enables students to access information from anywhere in the world within a few seconds, without limits and protects the right of free knowledge.” stresses Amira Hasanović, AUBIH Librarian.

The use of digital textbooks, and the digitalization of educational and administrative processes at the university, includes AUBIH in international business organization standards in accordance with global environmental norms, which is one of the new trends aspired by leading world and especially American educational systems.

“AUBIH follows modern technical achievements of the world in the area of university education, and we believe that, in this region, we are the first to digitalize the education process, and we expect that other higher education institutions of the region will follow that trend as well,”emphasized in conclusion Esmir Ganić, AUBiH President.