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12. August 09

Regular Lectures at State University of New York and Unforgettable Extracurricular Activities


In early August, students attending American University in Bosnia and Herzegovina (AUBiH) completed their visit to the United States of America, thus ending their one-semester lectures at the State University of New York (SUNY Canton). During their stay in the States, AUBiH students met all the requirements and criteria set before them by the program of the educational visit to the partner SUNY Canton.

In addition to their regular lectures, AUBiH students also visited the Niagara Falls, and many other historical and cultural sites. They also had the honor of meeting some of the most successful US businessmen who briefed them on how to get to the realization and development of an entire project starting from the very project idea using the examples of the so-called small business investments. During their stay on SUNY Campus, the students were also addressed by Dr. Joseph Kennedy, SUNY Canton President, and Nancy Zimpher, the newly-appointed SUNY Chancellor. 

The World Bank Visit

During the last three days of the students' stay in the USA, American University and SUNY Canton organized an unforgettable three-day visit to New York City for the first generation of AUBiH students.

Manhattan, Wall Street, Times Square and Central Park are some of the most attractive world sites our students had the opportunity of admiring in person. In addition, a visit was organized to the New York Office of the World Bank, where a brief lecture was organized providing the historical background of the institution and its currently ongoing projects.

A walk around the city which has, for a number of years now, been a global leader and a center of power strongly impressed AUBiH students. “We find many things interesting only because they are beyond us, and when they actually show up in front of us, they do not seem so much out of our reach. New York is the only one that did not disappoint me! This was my second visit to the city, however, New York keeps thrilling me, particularly with its charm and always in a different way. It is difficult to find words for all the impressions and put it all in a couple of sentences, but surely this grand feeling of perfection simply must be experienced“, said Alma Atić, an AUBiH student, adding that she is very grateful to AUBiH for organizing the unforgettable visit to the USA.

Denis Prcić, AUBiH President, says that American University in Bosnia and Herzegovina has proven that it does its best to ensure top quality education in cooperation with its partner SUNY Canton, thus keeping all of its promises given to its students at the beginning of their studies.