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11. May 09

According to the curriculum, students of American University in Bosnia and Herzegovina in their third year of study are to spend a semester in New York, attending lectures at the partner State University of New York (SUNY). This summer, the first 20 students of the first generation are travelling to New York.

During the visit to American University in Bosnia and Herzegovina, representatives of the State University of New York – Vice President for Academic Affairs, Dr. William Trumble and SUNY Head of Administration and International Cooperation Department Ryan Deuel, provided the students with detailed information as to the one-semester trip to New York which, in addition to AUBiH students, includes a total of 90 students from Russia, the Ukraine and China.

In his address to all AUBiH students, Dr. Trumble pointed out that SUNY is very happy with the progress AUBiH has made in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and stressed the fact that the one-semester visit to SUNY Campus will be a life-time experience for each individual student.

"Next year we will have our first graduates who will become internationally acknowledged and become the main group of leaders in this region", noted Dr. Trumble.

In addition, Dr. Trumble informed the students that SUNY is working on new programs that the largest US university is planning to implement in cooperation with the AUBiH management: "Since the success of AUBiH has become evident, we have recently initiated a discussion concerning student exchange in both directions. Once you visit us, you will have plenty of opportunities to continue the cooperation."

Explaining that SUNY development ensures over 200 various distance-learning programs on offer every year, in his address to the students, Dr. Trumble said that they will, owing to this type of education, receive the SUNY diploma, too. The dual diploma program is rather unusual, claimed Dr. Trumble, and added that it is precisely due to this fact that AUBiH students will have a special place in the labor market. However, if they wish to work in the USA, all AUBiH students need to do is apply with the SUNY Office of Employment, stressed Dr. Trumble, adding that he will do his best to provide AUBiH students with adequate jobs in the USA in that case.

According to Denis Prcić, AUBiH President, The fact that all twenty students who are to travel to the USA this summer have had their visas approved, and that AUBiH is becoming a strong link between BiH and the USA, sends a strong message about the reasons AUBiH wants to keep working hard on the affirmation and drawing closer to the general BiH public the concept of the Western education system – the universally-accepted and established concept of private institutions of higher education.