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21. March 18
"The State of BH and Democracy"

19.03.2018. – Academician Dr. Mirko Pejanović`s book, written in English language, „The State of BiH and Democracy“, was promoted at the American University in Bosnia and Herzegovina (AUBiH). The book promoter was Dr. Selmo Cikotić, while Dr. Pejanović was introduced by Mr. Muhamed Mujakić.

Dr. Cikotić highlighted that the basic value of the book written by Dr. Mirko Pejanović is reflected in the fact that it has more dimensions; while integrating past, present and future, and at the same time connecting it with events on a global level, across the European dimension and all the way to the national and local level. Also mentioned were the reasons it was written in English and Bosnian, about its content, and about the story behind the book.

The author, Dr. Pejanović, explained that the book consists of several parts, where, among other things, one chapter deals with the historical development of BiH statehood, while the next chapter deals with the character of political pluralism in BiH, and also, in one part of the book, it deals with the development of democracy in local communities.

It was a great pleasure for AUBiH to host Dr. Mirko Pejanović and to organize promotion of his book. Dr. Pejanović is former member of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina.