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22. July 09

Within the program implemented by American University in Bosnia and Herzegovina (AUBiH), in partnership with the State University of New York (SUNY), AUBiH students were provided with the opportunity to attend courses on SUNY Campus over the summer semester. The first generation of AUBiH students, i.e. third year students attending AUBiH met, for the first time, the professors whose lectures they had followed exclusively through a video link. Both students' and professors' reactions are positive. SUNY partner colleagues have reported on the visit of AUBiH students.

Visit to Niagara Falls

Although many extracurricular activities are still to come, AUBiH students have already visited Niagara Falls, where they enjoyed everything there was on tourist offer of this national park. A memorial built in honor of Nikola Tesla, owing to whom the first distance-power transmission for commercial purposes was realized, and a tour on the boat “Maid of Mist” are only some of the many attractions our students experienced during the visit.

SUNY management has provided our students with various interesting extracurricular activities, while the professors gave their own efforts to create the sense of belonging to the SUNY student community for our students. For example, professor William Jones welcomed AUBiH students at his farm, where they celebrated the greatest national US holiday – July 4th, Independence Day.

Meetings with owners of successful US companies

In addition to regular classes during which AUBiH students positively surprised their SUNY professors, the students were also provided with the opportunity of visiting successful companies. One of them is “The Partridge Café”, where they talked to the owner, Lucas Manning, a former SUNY student, who was recently declared the best entrepreneur of the year.

More precisely, Manning used his own personal example of the development of the so-called small business to explain to our students how to get to the implementation of the entire project starting from the idea itself, given that he became a successful entrepreneur while he was still studying.

“This is really a great experience for all of us, because we learnt from the examples of best local companies as to how exactly to apply their principles in our own setting. In addition, we are very pleased with the program of education offered by SUNY”, said Damir Aščerić, a third-year student at AUBiH.

With a view to presenting the organization of small business and the opportunities standing before the future professionals in the field of international finance and banking, our students also visited the “Sun Feather Soap Factory”, the company that has grown from a home industry to a well-known acknowledged manufacturer of top-quality soap, with a significant rate of export into the Japanese market. Another example of successful business presented was the “St. Lawrence Chocolate” company, whish is highly competitive in the US market owing to its original idea.

AUBiH students meet expectations

SUNY Canton President, Dr. Joseph Kennedy welcomed AUBiH students, stressing that his expectations of the first generation of AUBiH students are high, and adding that they are on the right track to meet those expectations. In addition to visiting the cities of Ogdensburg and Buffalo, the Frederic Remington Museum, and finding out about Amish business methods in the USA, AUBiH students enjoy their campus environment after their classes, where encounters with deer, skunks and squirrels are a daily event. In the coming days, a visit has been planned to New York City, where our students will, among other things, be able to get the first-hand experience of the most elite part of the city – Manhattan.