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10. May 10

The meeting between Mr. Clifford Bond, Vice-president for International Affairs at AUBIH, and Milorad Dodik, Prime Minister of Republic of Srpska, was held in Banja Luka yesterday, during which Mr. Bond informed the Prime Minister of the future plans for AUBIH in Banja Luka, and emphasized the importance of the quality of education AUBIH offers.

Prime Minister Dodik pointed out that the Government of the Republic of Srpska is willing to offer all the possible assistance to AUBIH, given the fact that education profiles this higher education institution offers are essential to Republic of Srpska, and accepted the invitation to visit the learning center of AUBIH in Banja Luka and appear as a guest lecturer.

At AUBiH Campus addition in Banja Luka, Mr. Bond engaged into a conversation with the students, and highlighted the importance of investing in education: 'Education is an investment, and people should realize that investing in education will pay off in the future through the quality of their work and life.' Mr. Bond also emphasized that AUBIH in Banja Luka has excellent students, who are highly motivated and accomplish excellent results in their studies at the College of International Law.

During his visit Mr. Bond also met with the members of various youth organizations involved in the Youth Council of Banja Luka, in the premises of "Dom Omladine".

Various meetings with members of leading local companies were also held. The issues discussed at these meetings were investment in education in the times of economic recession, and improvement of the cooperation between education institutions and the private sector, in order for AUBIH to coordinate its curricula with the actual demands of the labor market in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

On his departure from Banja Luka, Mr. Bond expressed his satisfaction in connection to the visit to the city on river Vrbas, and wished all the luck on the coming exams to all the AUBIH students.